Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What a surprise!

What a sruprise! President Isaias Afwerki is the Chancellor of the University of Asmara and the chairman for the department of Eritrean Studies.
The University of Asmara has been reopened to give courses by September 2013 as announced yesterday on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of Eritrea’s independence.

As mentioned then the main aim of the department of Eritrean Studies is introducing the new culture that the PFDJ /the current ruling political movement in Eritrea/ has been trying to embed, yet.
To your astonishment, all the text books for this department have been translated by the President, who anticipates that his graduates will hold key leadership positions in the country.
Concluding his re-inaugural lecture, President Issias told prospective students “here we give lessons for life and not certificates to decorate walls.’
Once the news is posted by Selam Kidane [] /an Eritrean human-rights activist/, lots of comments are flooding to the blog. What interested me most is this one.
“Selam, this can only explain the educational catastrophe in Eritrea through a comic regime acts. Comparatively speaking Tigray in late seventies had barely three or four barely functioning High schools and no University. In Eritrea, Asmara alone had more high schools and one University. Now, Tigray got countless High Schools, Technical Schools, IT’s, Colleges and three major Universities. Instead, Eritrea got mostly Sawa and associated boot camps. Welcome to nakfasazation of education.
Look at the news here.
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