Monday, December 10, 2012

Bosses are Ugly

Today a guest came to our home. She is my sister in law. My wife and I left our bed and slept on a mattress laid on the floor. But, I could not sleep. Thinking of the relationship bosses and employees had, two hours passed. It is midnight. I could not resist; and begun to write what is lurking in my mind. Unfortunately there was no electricity and I used candlelight.

As for the meaning, I don’t care whether you said it 'boss' or 'leader'. I know some argue a boss is different from a leader. They claim a boss creates fear, a leader confidence; a boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes; a boss knows all, a leader asks questions; a boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. However for my purpose, I make use of the simple dictionary meaning of a boss as a person who is in charge of an employee or organization.

Bosses are ugly because we fear them and we fear them for they decide on our fate along with our family. The bossy ones are fancy enforcing strict obedience to their say-so at the expense of employee’s personal freedom. They order employees in a domineering manner. If the employee is courageous enough to oppose them, he/she receives a hostile response. These people give us jobs usually and appreciate rarely. For them doing ones duty effectively is customary and don’t call for reward. But making mistake should not be left without punishment. 

Conversely, some don’t give much weight to bosses. They assert bosses cannot decide on one’s fate. But I am afraid they are not right. This week, a friend of mine argued me "your way is yours and nobody can grab it. Keep your card close to your chest. Don't give it to those with no power on you. They have of course power on the institution; not on you." For him growth is what I make and not what others give me. He said "you earn it with your sweat and wisdom."

He might be right. But I don’t agree with him or at least I don’t have the mind setup to accept it. Because, I know bosses who steal others sweat and conspire to make the wise fool.

However, subordinates are uglier than bosses as perceived by their respective bosses. This is because they challenge the status quo. If employees are effective and hard worker, they challenge their boss’s post. On the other hand, ineffective ones make the boss miserable. Hence his position will be challenged for not accomplishing the mission he is assigned for through mobilizing the effort of employees at hand. As a result both ways round, whether effective or ineffective, employees are ugly as seen by their bosses. Only those lazy and incapable but boss friendly ones serve the quest of their masters- help stay at power. 

However dear friends and subordinates, let us respect our bosses not because they deserve it but because one day we will also be a boss and serve our hand. Be fair to your bosses, do whatever they told you to do unless you have the way out to forthcoming consequences.

And for the bosses, be fair to your subordinates not because they otherwise rise against you or they disobediently obey. But for your immediate senior boss posses the card that could make you subordinate any time soon and thus serve your hand then.

So what?
Some quote an Amharic saying “በመማር የአለቆችህ ቁጥር ቀንስ” to imply ones academic status is indirectly proportional to the number of his bosses. But I don’t think education makes difference in this regard.  For me, the right way out is to avoid bosses and to be one’s own boss- to have your own business; just a small coffee house or a cigarette shop.

This is not a scholarly article. Rather a crazy idea from a restless soul. Those of you looking for academic point or keen to add value to your existing knowledge, please don’t read it. OMG, so sorry, you have already read it. Don’t be annoyed. I swear on God, I would not do it again.
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