Friday, November 30, 2012

The River Nile: bridge or barrier?

Some claim that the International Panel of Experts that assesses the impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on downstream countries was established since Ethiopia took the initiative for a friendliness gesture among riparian states. While others argue the public diplomacy delegation of Egypt prompted Ethiopia to allow the formation of the technical committee. Anyways, the Experts Panel has concluded its fourth meeting this week. The panel is evaluating relevant documents and had also paid two visits to the construction site. The Panel is expected to come up with a unanimously agreed upon findings in less than half a year time. In the mean time lots of arguments are going on: some neutral, and some favoring one side.

Below is a very detailed analysis, entitled The River Nile: bridge or barrier? on issues related to the Nile, the upstream and downstream countries and future prospects. The ariticle was first posted on Al-Ahram Weekly online, Egyptian newspaper. It contains facts and figures some of which we know but don’t remember and some which we don’t know at all. 

The outcome and prospect of popular diplomacy and official diplomacy, the reasons why Egypt oppose the CFA, the nature of previous agreements, the Tripartite Technical Committee, the principle of “don’t harm anybody, and don’t allow anybody to harm you,” versus “win-win ” principle, mutual benefits, potential hazards… are all discussed in detail.

The writer is an Egyptian journalist for Al-Ahram Weekly online, interested in Egypt and Middle East issues. And to my understanding she has presented what is now and what will come next in a way free from the bias most of us had. Moreover, understanding this article will help anyone argue logically and knowledge based. I promise you will benefit at the end and read it again other time. A click away is this well presented article by Doaa El-Bey. May God bless her and amazing daughter Noor hafez for her unbiased reporting. Please click on the link below.
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