Monday, November 26, 2012

Media in the Capitalist Market and the Transitional Democracies

The problems of media in the Capitalist Market and the Transitional Democracies are different. In the Capitalist Market, the main problem is being commercialized. Since the media are owned by few conglomerates that work to maximize their profit, anything that generates money comes to stage without analyzing the implication it had on the public. As the media are owned by few rich, their interest gets the upper hand ignoring the interest of the majority poor. This degrades its credibility on behalf of the public. Because the public takes the mainstream media as an instrument of certain kind of the society, the public turn a deaf ear to their broadcasting.

The broadcast of Transitional Democracies media lies on deaf ear, too. This is basically because the media in the Transitional Democracies lacks the skill and knowledge of the art. It cannot present the contents at hand in such a way that attracts and engage the audience. They have also the lack of technology. The tendency to be used as a propaganda tool for the ruling party is high. In the name of development and good image of the nation, the media restrict itself from reporting failures.

Therefore, the media, whether it is in the developed or developing world, cannot be the guardian of democracy without solving these problems.
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